End Of The Night - Kenny G


Lời bài hát: End Of The Night

Ca sĩ: Kenny G

[ti:End Of The Night]
[al:Release Therapy]
Baby, I gotta, get you up out of
Your clothes, your clothes, your clothes
It's somethin about the way you move
I just cain't let go, let go, let go
Baby, youuuuu've got me open
Baby, I just wanna make you mine
By the end of the night, end of the night
By the end of the niiiiight
It's inevitable and incredible, listen, it's Luda!
By the end of the night you gon' be wantin to marry a nigga
Cause I make 'em erupt like volcanoes, you just shake and you shiver
Get 'em up, get down, turn around and put your face in the pillow
*** 'em up like Jason, just face it that boy Luda's a killer
Half man, half gorilla, beatin all on my chest
Pleasin all of your flesh, squeezin all on your breast
Givin you reasons to rest, and ain't never say no to papi
Wake 'em up like Folgers cause I fold 'em like origami
Hey mami let's get it poppin like Orville Redenbacher
The way you move once you started nothin could ever stop ya
Sweeter than Betty Crocker, and I'm ready to belly flop ya
Just mention today but for now I forever gotcha
(Whoo!) Verse two, it's like this
Gotta get 'em up out of them clothes, if I throw a couple dollars then pose
We could drink a couple bottles and go, and ride off in the Impala on vogues
And Rolls, gold is all on my neck, all on my wrist
So just let go of yo' hoe, don't hog her to death, lend her to Chris
Just for a little while for a little bit
Just wanna see her smile and get the bigger fish
She said that you had a little dick
Now how in the hell can she benefit from somethin like that?
I be up in that cat, make her put a hump in that back
Black, I swing low and sweet chariot, meet me at the Marriott
Key access, I'll be at the very top
Don't hesitate to stop the elevator either
I'll show you the ups and downs, you'll be my elevator diva
All I need is a couple hours baby, for real
Come up out that Prada, Chanel, Chloe, Loius and Gucci
Escada, Dior, Fendi, that Masconi and Juicy
Rockin Republic, True Religions and Citizen's jeans
Your Jimmy Choo's are so sexy but Giseppi's is mean
La Pearla lingerie, ya panties and bra matchin
Put down your clothes and I'll put you UP on the latest fashions
Cause with cameras and action, I'm a deadly assassin
I love your clothes but what's underneath I love with a passion
(Ludacris - over Chorus)
Gotta get you outta them clothes baby
Somethin about the way you move
I cannot let go, whoo!
You know you got me open
I just wanna make you mine, haha
By the end of the night, you gon' be mine
Luda! And Valentin' the dream
(Bobby Valentino + (Ludacris))
Don't leave your girl round me (guard your women fellas)
Said don't leave your girl round me (Disturbin' Tha Peace)
Don't leave your girl round me (yeah, whoo!)
True playa for real, for real, for real, for real
Don't leave your girl round me
Said don't leave your girl round me
Don't leave your girl round me
True playa for real, for real, for real, for real
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